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Specializing in branding, TADANG studio provides tailored expertise through their dynamic and multidisciplinary approach to deliver a personalised experience responding to each client’s specific requirements in a thoughtful and dedicated manner.

Tadang is a design studio based in Saigon, Vietnam with a wide ranging portfolio of clients including the Tamdeen group, KNCC – Cinescape, tfk-the fragrance kitchen and the triangle restaurant group.

Founding partners Ta Minh Trai and Romain Danger met whilst studying together before pursuing solo careers and reuniting to set up a hub of creativity and unique ideas. Tadang Studio aims to spread their creative vision by enhancing visual experiences through dynamic and unique design.

Tadang incorporates numerous elements in their consideration of each project they undertake and consistently push the boundaries of how their clients and the public view and understand design.

The studio finds inspiration in all aspects of life from past and modern culture, music, nature, the arts to the small everyday wonders of life.

Being open to a wide breadth of ideas, the studio brings a unique and unusual perspective to their work, creating revolutionary design and conceptual aesthetics with numerous underlying themes and connections that go beyond expected and mainstream visual communications.

The studio team and close network of collaborators is built around multi-skilled and talented creators, thinkers and designers.